We're here to help.


Where should I record?
A quiet room without a lot of echo is best, but don't worry about it too much. The iPhone has a great microphone and Storyglory captures high-quality audio.

How long can each recording be?
Storyglory recordings can be up to 30 minutes each, and if you fill one up and still have more to say, simply record another!


How do I share a story?
After you complete a recording, you'll see a screen that lets you pick people from your iPhone's address book. Just create the list you want and tap Next. They'll each get an email inviting them to experience the story in Storyglory.

Do the people I share with need an iPhone?
Yes. The sharing email will contain a small version of the image, but to see the full-resolution image and hear the audio stories, they'll need an iPhone.

Who can see and hear my stories?
Only people you share with will be able to experience your Storyglory stories. They are private and meant for only the friends and family you select.


What's a good conversation starter?
We really like childhood photos. It seems they never cease to elicit a pause, smile, or laugh.

How important is sharing?
Really important. We built Storyglory to capture our own memories from old photos in the shoebox in the closet (yes, we really found one), and celebrate the most important relationships in our lives. We hope it brings you joy and tears (the good kind) as well.